Today's Bible Verse -> Your Thoughts lead to…

Picture it:


Spread-eagled on our our ridiculously comfortable couch watching an awesome man of God - Charles Stanley - speaking on God Channel.


Getting the Spirit Soul Shock and sitting up faster than you can shout “Awesome Eina!”

So what jerked me right out of my Comfort Couch Cruise Control?

Read on…

“Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes”

Ephesians 4:22 (New Living Translation)

So what are the 4 lines that can change your life?

Here are the four simple statements Dr Stanley said that jerked me right out of Cruise Control:

A thought leads to an action
An action leads to a habit
A habit leads to a character
A character leads to a destiny

Read that again.


You see the beautiful simplicity of it?

You see the power?

I sincerely believe that if you embrace this idea your life will change.

But you got to start on line number 1.

Your Thoughts

Say it out loud now:

My Thoughts lead to my Actions
My Actions lead to my Habits
My Habits lead to my Character
My Character leads to my Destiny

And don’t worry about the weird looks you’re getting as you’re saying it out loud!

Here’s the gem:

Your Destiny starts with what you’re thinking right now.

How are your thoughts?

Are they God thoughts?

It all starts in your head.

And God wants to help you.

You see the ‘Let the Spirit’ in the verse above?

God will help you change your thinking.

But He’s a gentleman and will never force you to do anything

So the first step is yours.

Take the first step and start thinking God thoughts.

God bless you!